The size of the male organ is often exaggerated in sex books of lewd taste.

Quack sexologists tell their patients almost absurd things. Thus, most of the people are frightened into believing that their organs are diminutive. This gives rise to inferiority complex otherwise perfectly healthy men.

Remember that virility of it male does not depend on the length but rather the strength of the male organ. Some males with large organs are quite impotent. On the other hand men with short and strong organs are more fertile and capable of giving greater sexual pleasure.

Two Pigeon's Eggs

Immcdiate1y behind the male organ is a baglike structure of loose skin. This is ca1led the scrotum. 1t has a peculiar but charac­teristic odour. On each side of this pouch is a body shaped like pigeon's egg. These two egg-shaped bodies lie side by side and each of them is called a testicle. Do not be perturbed

if the left testicle is slightly larger than the right, because that is a normal occurrence. Therefore, the left side of t he scrotum hangs down lower than the right side. These testicles produce the male germs-the most important constituents of the seminal fluid. These male germs arc carried along two thin long tubes to the root of the male organ.

The Female Urethra

Urethra is the opening of the canal through which urine comes out. It is some distance above the opening of the female passage. Thus, it should be noted that there are two passages in the woman and not one as is sometimes erroneously believed. Urine docs not come out of the same passage in which penetration of the male organ can take place. The two passage are different and vary very greatly in size. While the female organ can easily admit three or four fingers closed together, urethra. the passage for urine, is no higher than a match stick. Therefore, it is a mistake to confuse the two separate parts of the female organism.

The Pear-shaped Hollow Organ

The womh is a pear-shaped hollow organ with thick muscular walls. This pear is customarily divided into the body and the neck. The body corresponds to the main bulk of the fruit. It is that part which is farthest from the female passage. The neck corresponds with the narrow part of the pear. It is that part which immediately adjoins the female passage. The' mouth of the womb is at the neck end. Through this the female passage is continuous with the womb.

The Sexual Climax

When the climax is approaching, rhythmic movements of the male organ and the female body become more vigorous and both the persons arc greatly agitated, physically as well as emotionally. The discharge of the semen is the moment of the Supremest pleasure for both partners. In females there is no discharge of semen, as some erroneously believe, but only a discharge of mucus or a lubricating fluid. .

At the time of the climax this mucus is in the vestibu1ar glands. We have seen that these glands become active under the stimulus of sexual emotion, and have also noticed the presence of mucus, which is not only very useful but even indispensable to the lubri­cation of the vagina and the painless intro­duction of the penis. This mucus secretion increases with the excitation incident to coitus, so that a certain accumulation of it in the gland ducts becomes possible. The spasmodic muscular contractions compress the distended glands and their accumulated secretion can be ejected under pressure through the excretory ducts.

Any other emission of secretion at the moment of the orgasm is possible only through the uterus. It is not improbable that the bulky mucus "Plug" which some women expel after coitus is due to such spasmodic contractions. What must be remembered for practical purposes is that during the orgasm uterus plays an active part and sucks in the seminal fluid' by alternately contracting and relaxing.

The psychological condition of both man and woman is the same in the sexual climax. The face is flushed and the expression blank. The breathing is short and rapid. The eyes bulge and blink frequently. The heart beats faster. The body becomes rigid. The lower limbs may be thrown about in a disorderly

manner. Quite incoherent sounds are uttered. Occasionally the lower female passage goes into involuntary contractions, gripping the male organ.

Sexual Postures

All kinds of postures for sexual intercourse have been described in the minutest detail in the ancient literature of India and some other Asian countries. It would be wrong to look upon them as sexual perversions. Havelock Ellis maintains: "From the frequency with which they have been adopted by various people as national customs, most of the postures in coitus must be said to come within the normal range of variations. It is a mistake to regard them as vicious perversion,,'"

Morning Sickness

When the baby is in the womh, the monthly course is stopped. The breasts become enlarged and firm. The" nipples become prominent. A small quantity of milky fluid call be squeezed out of them.

When a woman gets up in the morning, she has a feeling of sickness and she feels like vomitting to ease herself. She coughs and distends her throat to disgorge something, but usual1y nothing comes out except sometimes a testicles fluid out of the stomach, but aIl the same it gives some relief to the woman.

When the baby grows up sufficiently, the movement of its limbs can be felt in the lower abdomen of a woman's body. It has a peculiar 5eneation for the mother and can sometimes be very hurting like ache in the stomach. The truth is that it is the beginning of motherhood with all its ravishes and ravages, The expectant mother's. own tastes also undergo considerable change, particularly in the matter or food.

As the baby increases in bulk, pink or purple streaks appear on the abdomen and these are caused by straining of the female body to create more and more accommoda­tion for the child. On the contrary, after child-birth, there is a corresponding tightening of the abdomen to return to its normal size, but this tightening-back is never fully accomplished, and the more children a mother has, the more flabby her abdomen is likely to be. And that is why actresses and others who value their beauty are afraid of mother­hood.

Boy-or-Girl Formula

It is not easy to determine whether the result would be a boy or girl, although different methods have been unsuccessfully tried. Up to this time, no perfect method has been discovered.

The sex-determining substance in a female is known as X-chromosome. Similar sex determining substance in a male 'is ca11ed Y-chromosome. These germs are found in both the partners and after combination give out different kinds of biological partnerships. The newly formed combination may contain two X-chromosomes or one X-chromosome and one V-chromosome.

If the baby contains one X-chromosome, the baby is female. If the baby contains one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome. the resultant baby ie a male.

This may be a scientific theory, but its actual implementation is yet beyond human control. No proces5 has yet been known to convert male into female or female into male during pregnancy.

Time of Birth

How to determine the proximate date of the coming child? When you take a pregnant woman to a :Maternity Home for registration before child-birth. they tell you when the child may be expected. The date given is only approximate and may vary 3S much as by a week or a month.

The method followed is to add nine months and seven days to the date on which the last monthly course took place. After a woman becomes pregnant, the monthly course bleeding automatically stops and so this is the only way to calculate the exact birth-date of the coming child. Variations from this date do, however. occur in many or even most cases. Science has not yet discovered a scientific method by which child-birth can be determined exact to a day but later progress may be able to pinpoint it to the exact minute. Who knows?

Ethics of Masturbation

Masturbation is auto-eroticism. It is also called self-abuse or self-pollution. The person tries to derive pleasure by his or her own manipulations and does not need a partner of the opposite sex, although mutual masturba­tion among companions of the same sex is fairly common.

Masturbation is fairly common not only among human beings at all stages of civiliza­tion from savages to the highly civilized, but also among some animals, such as the mon­keys. Therefore, it should not be regarded as unusual or abnormal when found in a person. In moderation it is not harmful. Out of mo­deration, as you know, everything is injurious, even eating the most healthful foods and drinks. It is quite common among females as among males, although more so in the latter.

It is generally learnt quite' spontaneously. The child learns it accidentally while fondling with his or her genitals. Girls experience a pleasurable sensation while working at the sewing machine. Cycling is also a factor encouraging masturbation.

Some authorities now regard masturbation as quite harmless and a very innocent medium for relaxing the sexual tensions. In fact, rapes and many criminal acts are committed by those who are not married and cannot relax their sexual tensions. As too much steam in the locomotive engine has to be let out to save the boiler from bursting out so too much semen has to have a bona fide outlet which is either masturbation or noctur­nal emissions in the case of the unmarried. Otherwise it leads to public prostitution with all its fruits of venereal diseases or public crimes.


As already stated, the loss of semen due to masturbation is not serious unless the practice is carried to excess which must he avoided because in that case it greatly injures the body and even makes a person effeminate or impotent.

On no sexual disorder is there such a diversity or opinion as on masturbation. There is no difference of opinion as to the pathological. significance, for instance, of nocturnal pollutions or spermatorrhoea. There is, however, a very wide difference of opinion as to the injuriousness of mastur­bation. There is a certain percentage of people in whom masturbation, provided it is not indulged in excessively, will produce no or hardly any evil effects.

And yet there .Ire others, who believe that masturbation in whatever masturbation it is indulged in is decidedly harmful to the body end the brain. All that can be said here is that there is no unanimity of opinion on this question.

The Venereal Test

The main treatment of gonorrhoea and syphilis consists hi administering injections of penicillin.. The effect of penicillin is dramatic Gonorrhoea disappears in a matter of hours. Syphilis takes a few days. The easiest way to determine whether complete cure has been effected is to test the blood. One teaspoonful of blood is drawn from the veins of the fore­arm for the W.R. or Waserman Reaction :­

Completely Negative ... Complete Cure

* -Infection is present in mild form.

** -Infection is present in a moderate form.

*** -Infection is of severe degree.

Prevention of Venereal Diseases

Suitable medicines are available in the market for the prevention of venereal diseases con­tracted during intercourse with an infected person. One such thing is "Cetavlex Cream" manufactured by the Imperial Chemical Indus­

tries. It should he carefully rubbed over the male organ after retracing the foreskin, paying particular attention to the opening at the tip. Cetavlex is a powerful poison for the germ of the disease but absolutely harmless to the tissues of the male organ and the female passage.

Another ointment ie based on American Army single tube chemical prophylactic, evol­ved in the year 1943 :

Sulphathiazole - 65 grains

Calomel - 130 grains

White Vaseline - 175 grains

Liquid parallin - 90 minims

Immediately after intercourse the private parts should be thoroughly washed with soap and water.

Make it a rule to pass your urine in gushes after sexual intercourse and not in a steady stream as is usually the case. This helps wash out the germs of venereal diseases because urine is antiseptic and is now highly recom­mended in certain diseases.

Condom Method

Condom employed for birth control is equally effective for gonorrhea and syphilis. It is a hollow tube made from thin latex rub­ber. It covers the male organ from the root to the tip. It prevents germs of the disease from going from one partner to another. It should be of reliable manufacture. It should be removed after the sexual intercourse and care­fully washed in very strong disinfectants or preferably thrown away.


The women can use Cetavlex Cream, massaging the inner and the outer lips of the female passage, over the clitoris and its roots. For additional safety a small cotton plug, smeared with Cetavlex Cream can be intro­duced well back- into the female passage. It should be introduced an hour after the inter­ course.

Homosexual Attraction

Homosexuality is a sexual attraction between persons of the same sex. When it leads to sexual relationship among men, it is called sodomy. When the sexual attraction occurs among women, it is called Lesbianism. Twenty-five centuries ago, homosexuality among women was a common feature of life in the island of Lesbos which has given us the current use of the term Lesbianism.

According to Katherine Bement Davis, in one woman out of every five the intense rela­tionship among women is "accompanied bymutual masturbation contact of genital organs or other physical expressions reeognised as sexual in character." The Police Department of Berlin has discovered 120 resorts for men addicted to homosexual practice. Freundschaft a German publication treating of homosexual subjects, is said to have a circulation of 20,000.

According, to the Indian penal Code, 'Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, wo­man or animal, shall be punishable with trans­portation for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to a fine. Penetration is sufficient to constitute the car­nal intercourse necessary to the offence des­cribed in this section."

Homosexuality is caused by imbalance in the action of various hormones. There is a marked difference in the appearance of homo­sexuals. Their characters tend to approximate to those of the opposite sex. The habitual male passive agent is effeminate. The habitual female active agent looks boyish. Thus, the germs of homosexua1ity is in their blood. Given as suitable environment and opportunity, the practice easily gains a firm foothold.


Prostitutes are those who hire themselves for money and incidentally for sexual gratifi­cation. Prostitutes are generally women, but sometimes men also. Rich men usually de­mand women for their enjoyment. Rich widows here and there frequent brothels where men are kept like stud bulls for their gratifica­tion. Homosexuality is also carried on in brothels.

Very few prostitutes adopt the profession for pleasure, another career of most of the women in this line is a very sordid one. They arc usually driven to it on account of broken homes or drunkard husbands or profligate children whom a woman has the misfortune to support instead of being supported by them. Most of the women in the profession are seduced by pimp or even bought right from their parents for this purpose. Some professional bridegroorn marry just to make prostitutes of their wives-and then marry again under different names. Money is usually the motive for these evil practices. Prostitu­tion is now prohibited by law in India.

The greatest cause of prostitution is an un­happy marriage which drives husbands into the brothels. When asked if Friday was an unlucky day to get married, George Bernard Shaw replied, "Of course, why expect Friday to be an exception?" Shaw maintains that every marriage invariably turns out to be an unhappy one. It requires a great deal of patience, understanding, courage and tact on the part of the husband and the wife to keep the marriage going to the rocks.

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